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As a trusted supplier of sustainable packaging in Ireland we continually invest our time, energy, and resources into broadening our knowledge and understanding of the food and food waste industries through research and training. We feel that this is an important factor in our development as a business and to be able to continually and effectively advise and support our clients and customers.

Biodegradable vs Compostable

Whats the difference?

  • If an item is ‘Biodegradable,’ it will biodegrade, but the length of time it will take for this item to fully break down is not specified – it could take 1000 years for something that is ‘Biodegradable’ to fully decompose.

  • If an item is ‘Certified Compostable’ EN13432 Under EU law, it means that this item will break down into nutrient rich soil in under 90 days.

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Be Like Nana!

Compostable items can go in the ‘Food Waste Bin’. When commercially composted they break down into nutrient rich soil in under 90 days. This soil is then used as compost in Ireland, turning the waste into a resource.

Eco Materials

We are proud to have picked up some amazing accolades along our journey.